JTWhatsApp V9.85 Download Latest Version 2023 (JIMODS Official)

JTWhatsApp is an advanced and modified version of WhatsApp for Android devices. This app is also called WhatsApp Jimods. It was developed by JImods in launched for the users to give them a better experience of WhatsApp. Download this wonderful application today and give yourself a shock with the stunning features offered by this app. You need not worry about the safety of this application because it comes with Anti ban features, which means that your WhatsApp account will not be banned.

There are many other features like Anti-delete messages, Themes, Download View Once media, and much more. Today, we will tell you about all the features of this amazing application. Please stay connected with us and read the complete article to better understand JT WhatsApp before downloading it.

Application NameJT WhatsApp Apk
System RequirementsAndroid 4 + / 1 GB RAM
App Version9.85 Official Update
Total Downloads50+ Million
App size57.2 MB
All FeaturesUnlocked
Last Updated01 Days Ago

Download the latest version of JTWhatsApp Apk from the official website. This is a great communication application that provides a lot of additional features, from Anti-delete messages to Hiding status views. The journey of JT WhatsApp is very long, and the developers of this app have done a lot of struggle and hard work to develop this amazing mod of WhatsApp. Today, we will tell you about all features of this amazing application that you will love to download and install on your mobile. Read the complete article and enjoy the best WhatsApp mod without wasting time.

What is JT WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a widely used communication application available on almost all mobile phones. With the passage of time, users feel that there are some features that are essential features and that must be available in an application. But since 2009, there have been very few improvements in WhatsApp, and they are not providing any advanced and latest features in their application. To fulfill the desires of users, JiMods have introduced JT WhatsApp. Many notable and additional features are provided, like Fonts, Translator, Themes, Air Plane mode, etc. Today, we will brief you about all features of this unique application so that you may thoroughly understand the features and usage of this amazing application.

Difference between WhatsApp and JTWhatsApp

For better understanding of users, we are providing a comparison table where a user can see the difference between these both applications and under it easily.

Make Audio and Video CallsYesYes
Media Sharing25 MB2000 MB (2GB)
Customized Layout2 Themes3000 Themes
View Once Media DownloadNoYes
Status Download AvailableNoYes
Freeze Last SeenNoYes
Hide Profile PictureYesYes
Disable Blue TicksYesYes
Anti Revoke Messages (Anti-Delete)NoYes
Download DPNoYes
Airplane Mode AvailableNoYes
Restrict CallersNoYes
Update NotificationsNoYes
Change Chat ColorNoYes
Change FontsNoYes
Translator AvailableNoYes
Forward Message IndicatorYesNo
Online Contact Pop-upNoYes
Your Status Seen Pop-uoNoYes
Double Tick on ReplyNoYes
Hide Contact NameNoYes
Chat LockNoYes
Pictures Sharing LimitYesNo
Multiple AccountsNoYes
Hide Chat PictureNoYes
Auto Reply FeatureNoYes
Scheduled Reply FeatureNoYes
Main IconDefault (Could not be Changed)More than 70 Icons
Unread Messages ColorNoYes
Hide Recent ChatsNoYes

Key Features of JT WhatsApp

Features in rich, JTWhatsApp is available for you. Download it today and get the best-featured app on your smartphone. We are going to tell you the key features of this beautiful application so that you can understand its features and usage of this app.

Free to Download

This is a free application; you can download it on JTWhatsApp Official Website. All the features are unlocked, and you do not need to pay anything. Download it today and boost your communication with friends and family.

Safe and Secure

This is a safe and secure application, and there is no chance of any privacy or data breach. JT WA does not contain any suspicious malware or virus that can harm your data or mobile phone. Download this fantastic application without any fear.

Get Regular Updates

You will receive regular updates on this application. When you open the application, a pop-up will appear for an update, and you can visit our website to get the latest update on JT WhatsApp. The best part of this app is that when you update it, your data and chats will be restored automatically.

Light Weight and Friendly User Interface

Everyone is familiar with WhatsApp because it is a lightweight, easy-to-use application. JTWhatsApp is made on the same theme, and you can easily use it without facing any problems. It is a lightweight application with a size of 57.2 MB, and it will not consume significant memory on your phone.

Anti Delete Messages

In 2021, WhatsApp introduced a feature of DELETE MESSAGES FROM BOTH SIDES. With this app, deleted messages will remain in chat and will not be deleted from your side. The sender will never know that the messages are still in your conversation. This is the most demanded and liked feature by the users.

Enjoy More than 4000 Themes

WhatsApp has had the same looks and interface since 2009. We have provided more than 4000 themes by which you can customize your application and use it with a better theme. There are themes of different characters and iPhones, which you can download and install for your WhatsApp.

You can Change Font Color

Usually, the black color of the font is used in WhatsApp. But with this app, you can change the color of fonts in your chat according to your choice. This feature made it the most beautiful and unique app in all mods of WhatsApp.

Hide Status from Anyone

Now you can easily hide a status from unwanted contacts. You can restrict your status to limited contacts. This is a fantastic feature that has increased your privacy, and you can easily share your thoughts, pictures, and videos with a limited circle of friends and family.

Restrict Callers without Blocking Them

The most irritating function of WhatsApp is that if you are connected to the Internet, and someone is calling you, you can only stop him by blocking his number. With JT WhatsApp Apk, you can restrict your contacts from calling you. There is also a privilege that you can allow some limited contacts who can call you. Rest everyone’s call will be rejected automatically.

Download View Once Media FIle

Now you can download the media sent to you with View Once restriction. This is the best feature of this app because the photo or video will remain available in the chat for 15 days. You can also download that file to save in your mobile phone storage without the sender’s knowledge.

Send Larger Files

We can only send files up to 25 MB in size with WhatsApp. Incredible JTWhatsApp allows you to send media files up to 2GB. You can share pictures and videos without any limits and with the best possible quality. Sharing more than 30 pictures in a single message was a dream before the invention of this amazing app. Now you can send up to 200 photos in a single message.

Hide and Freeze Last Seen

You can hide your last seen with this app and limit its visibility to some selective contacts. There is also an option of freezing the previous seen. This is a unique feature because your contacts will know that you were online some days back but were using WhatsApp regularly. It has enhanced your privacy, making you feel safer and more secure using this application.

Download Statuses of Your Contacts

One of the most beautiful features is that you can download the status of your contacts without demanding it from your friends and family. If you liked a video or picture in status, you are just required to tap on the download button on that status, and it will be downloaded and saved on your mobile phone. Now you can quickly post that picture or video as your status. Also, you can share it with your friends and family in the text box.

Translator is Available Now

Suppose you are in a country for educational purposes and have friends from different countries. Then JTWhatsApp has an amazing feature you can use for better communication with your friends. Using the translator feature, you can send any message to them in their language. You can also translate their message into your language. This is the most demanded feature which is not available in WhatsApp.

Auto Reply and Scheduled Reply

You can set an Auto Reply message when you are busy, or you are going to attend a meeting. Whoever sends you a message will receive an auto-reply, so he will be able to know about your occupancy. You can also set a scheduled message which allows you to not miss any special events like birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

AirPlane Mode

Set your WhatsApp to Airplane mode and stop receiving calls and messages without turning off your internet. This feature is not available in WhatsApp, but JTWhatsApp is providing you with this amazing feature.

Download Profile Pictures of Contacts

Set your WhatsApp to Airplane mode and stop receiving calls and messages without turning off your internet. This feature is not available in WhatsApp, but JTWhatsApp is providinNow you can download the profile picture of your contacts without asking their permission or without asking them to send you. They will never know that you have the same profile picture. You don’t need to take a screenshot of the DP. Just download JTWhatsApp without wasting time and enjoy the app from today. Explore more unique features yourself and give your opinion about this amazing app.g you with this amazing feature.

List of Additional Features of JTWhatsApp

There are many other features in this app which are listed below.

  • This is an Easy to use application.
  • You will have Different Icons in the app.
  • Additional Emojis and Stickers are available now.
  • Change App Icon.
  • You can share files in many formats like Gif, Text and PDF.
  • You will get online pop-up of your contacts.
  • You will also get Online Log of a contact in 24 Hours.
  • Get Deleted Status in status list.
  • You can download deleted statuses.
  • You can disable forward tag on a message.
  • Now send a message to as many contacts you want.
  • Send a broadcast message.
  • You can share the Apk file with your friends.
JT WhatsAPp Download

How to Download and Install JT WhatsApp?

Time Required : 01 Minute

  1. Open your web browser and Go to the jtwhatsapp.com and click on the download button to download Apk file. (Don’t forget to read all features of this application before installing it).
  2. Now, Go to the settings of your Mobile phone and enable UNKNOWN SOURCES (Don’t forget to turn off after installation)
  3. Now open your browser again and go to DOWNLOADS.
  4. Tap on the Downloaded APK file and Installation will be started.
  5. When Installation is completed, go to your apps list and open the JT WhatsApp Apk. Create an account on the application and start communication with your friends and family with this incredible Application.

How to Create Account on JT WhatsApp?

Time Required : 02 Minutes

  • After installation is completed, go to the Apps list and tap on JT WhatsApp.
  • Now tap on Get Started and add a mobile number where you can receive calls or messages by network provider.
  • You will receive a verification code in your service provider inbox.
  • Insert that Verification Code in your App.
  • Congarts….!!! You are in…!! Now Enjoy the Unique app and amaze yourself with its features.

How to Update JT WhatsApp?

Time Required : 01 Minute

  • Open the installed JTWhatsApp and Find UPDATE in settings.
  • Tap on the update and check if there is any update available.
  • If you find there is an updated version of App which you have not installed then open the website of JT WhatsApp.
  • Download the latestet version and Install it on your mobile phone.



Download the latest version of JT WhatsApp and enjoy. This is a most beautiful Mod of WhatsApp, which has provided millions of additional and unique features unavailable in any other application. Communicate with your friends in a better manner and use WhatsApp with enhanced privacy. Feel safe and secure and amaze yourself by exploring the features of JTWhatsApp. Download JTWhatsApp today without wasting a single second.

We have provided all detail about the features of this app and we have also taught you how to download and install and how you can create an account on JT WA. So, Enjoy the incredible application, and don’t forget to give your opinions. Thank You….!

FAQs (People Also Ask)

What is JT WhatsApp?

This is a latest mod version of WhatsApp which provides million of additional features.

Is it safe to install JTWhatsApp?

Yes. This is a safe and secure application and you can download and install it without any fear of damages.

Can i update JTWhatsApp without losing my data?

Yes. The best part of this app is that you will receive regular updates and your data backup will be restored automatically when you will update this application.